Ants on Wood

Carpenter Ant Damage & Eradication

In Dallas, Texas, and other areas, termites and carpenter ants are often mistaken for one another. The carpenter ant is a wood destroying insect, but they do not actually eat wood like a termite does. Carpenter ants damage wood by chewing into it to create homes to nest in. The key to carpenter ant removal is locating the colony and treating it accordingly.

How C & S Pest Control Finds Carpenter Ant Colonies

We perform a thorough inspection in and around your structure for carpenter ant damage. You will notice that we inspect all areas that are conducive to carpenter ants from the ground level to the roof peak. They often locate their nests inside walls or ceiling voids that are not easy to get at, so expect a thorough and possibly lengthy inspection. Sometimes an evening inspection is necessary to locate a difficult carpenter ant problem because they are most active at night.